Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We have been busily preparing for our bees arrival this Thursday.  As the day has been approaching we have been getting excited and are anxiously awaiting their arrival.  I have made plans to have a friend and fellow beekeeper come to the house to provide moral support for our first installation of bees.  And then yesterday afternoon I got the call . . . the bees have been delayed.  They will not be arriving until next Thursday.  Needless to say we are quite disappointed, it feels a bit like someone canceled Christmas.  However it will allow me to finish all the Spring plantings and complete all of our other chores so that we can focus just on the bees when they come.


  1. This is so interesting, try to take pics but don't get stung!! Do you get to wear one of those big suits with the helmet thing?!

  2. I have a veil and gloves but not the whole suit.