Sunday, April 3, 2011

Working Weekend

On Saturday we were in the garden placing and leveling the raised beds, filling them with soil and spreading mulch from 9am to 7pm.  It was a long day and hard work but we got it all done in one day which was exciting.

We ended up having two deliveries.  The first delivery had a 50:50 mix of topsoil and composted manure along with as much mulch that would fill the rest of the truck.  But we ran out of mulch partway through the project and had a second delivery of mulch and composted manure to work into the old garden and top off the raised beds.  We ended up having enough compost to spread over the landscaping before spreading mulch.  In total we had 4 cubic yards of mulch and 4 cubic yards of soil and compost.

The raised beds filled and mulched.  We intended on only mulching a 2 foot border around all of the beds so as not to need to mow around them.  But once we mulched the garden and all of the landscaping on the property we still had plenty of mulch and decided to make the garden free of any mowing.  I have to admit that the leaves are driving me crazy and I resisted the urge to go pick them up off my fresh mulch one by one.  However many of our neighbors haven't finished their Spring cleanup and so new leaves would just blow right back on.

On the left is the prepared spot for the bees next to the old garden.  Andy built a mini retaining wall to hold up the soil we leveled.  A little more work has to be done in compacting the soil and making sure the bee hive doesn't become a leaning tower.  On the right is the old garden with a couple inches of composted manure worked in.

The overall finished garden!  Everything left of the driveway from the street to the garage is now garden, bee yard, or compost pile.  Now all I need are my seed orders and transplants.

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