Monday, April 11, 2011

THOSE people

We have become THOSE people.  THOSE people are the ones who are always in their yard picking at something, working on some project, and you wonder do they have a life, do they do anything else?  That has now become us.  We have always teased that our neighbors think we are crazy since we are constantly extending the garden, planting, watering, transplanting or trying to improve something year round.  Neighbor's politely comment on it but you can hear the undertones of, "Are you really at it again?"

This Saturday solidified that we are THOSE people.  We finished the bee stand, Andy mowed the yard and it began lightly sprinkling but we continued to work.  The weather was cool and we were on a roll so we decided to put down the grass seed we bought to fill in the patches that died in the drought last year.  While we were working on the seed it proceeded to begin pouring, however we just continued on.  A few people stared but I figured it was already half done and with the rain I wouldn't have to water the seed.

Then in the evening we started a project that has been on our list for almost a year now.  Fixing up the front porch.  The porch needs repainting, the railings are chipping and rusting, and the front step's top layer is chipping off.  So since it had been a successful day of projects we thought we could check one more off by repairing the steps.

We bought quikcrete to complete a patch/spackle job on the steps.  However we used too much water and had to go buy another batch.  It was apparent once we got into it that we didn't have enough.  As I spread and smoothed the concrete Andy went to go get more.  When we started the job it was completely light with plenty of time to complete the job or so we thought.  By the time we finished it was after 10pm, pitch black dark.  It took us over three hours.  Of course part of the reason it took so long was we were meticulously trying to smooth out every line.  But in smoothing one line you create another.  And of course there was that being dark thing.  In order to finish we used an extension cord to get a lamp in the front yard so we could see what we were doing.  We have become THOSE people.

Andy using a bit of extra concrete to patch part of our side walk using the lamp we had in the front yard.  We definitely looked silly.

 The crumbling steps before and the patched slightly imperfect but much improved steps after.

However according to Murphy's law and as our luck would have it a cat walked through it after we left.  So it seems we will be at it again next weekend.

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  1. Hahaha - I think you are THOSE people, and I love it! I hope you are taking lots of before and after pictures, I can't wait to see it in person!