Friday, April 1, 2011

The Next Step

The last two days I have been hard at work digging up sod, turning over, tilling up and leveling soil.  The next step in our garden expansion is complete.  The entire space for our new garden is prepared and ready for the raised beds.  In the tilling process I know that I have most likely awoken sleeping weed seeds but I did not want to put down weed blocker under the raised beds for two reasons.  One, I don't want plastic permanently under the raised beds, if plastic food storage containers leach chemicals into our food wouldn't  it the same be for the plastic weed blocker leaching chemicals into my organic garden?  Second I want plant roots to be able to reach deeper and when planting tomatoes I dig a hole at least 12 inches, weed blocker would inhibit these abilities.  In a couple of months when I am fighting weeds I might be feeling differently.

We are ready and prepared for our big soil and mulch delivery tomorrow!

All sod and soil dug up and turned over.

All tilled and leveled ready for the raised beds!

The spot for the bees slopped towards the fence but has now been tilled and leveled.  It is now waiting for a thick layer of mulch.

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