Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catherine Ferguson Academy

I tend to shy away from statements of politics or religion here because while I have my own personal convictions I do not want to ostracize or offend anyone.  However this is a story that is getting national attention and I wanted to bring it to those of you who might not be aware of it.

I first read this story over on Garden Rant and then watched the Rachel Maddox coverage on You Tube.  The story is about Catherine Ferguson Academy a school in urban Detroit for young mothers or expectant mothers.  The school as part of it's graduation requirement expects you to go to college and will help you find a way to pay for it.  There is daycare on site while the girls are attending class.  In addition the school has a very large garden or "farm" with an orchard, animals and crops.  This is a school that is getting it right and providing a chance for those who might think they have no options.

Unfortunately this school is slated to being closed and students who are protesting the closing of the school are getting arrested.  By day I am a teacher and so this story tugs at my heart on a professional level as a teacher and personal level as woman and passionate gardener.  How can it be that a school that is providing services like none other is getting shut down?  I'm not quite sure what I can do or how others can help but I thought it was a story worth sharing.  The video is almost ten minutes long but definitely worth watching and I hope that you do!

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