Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Window Box

I enjoy all aspects of gardening but most often only post about our vegetable garden.  When we bought our house we got an especially large 56" wrought iron window box.  I change out the plants seasonally and enjoy keeping our house looking nice.  The coco liner finally needed replacing as there were plenty of holes that no longer could be patched.  We searched for a presized liner but stores just don't keep our size in stock.  When we went to purchase the bulk buy by the foot liner they told us to bring in the window box in and they would properly fit it. 

So we took it down, dumped the contents out, and hauled it in to have them tell me this is what they considered properly fitting the window box.  At this point they were ready to trim off the extra on the top.  However for me this was not going to work and I had to politely let them know that I would be happy to take it home and finish the job.  I am a perfectionist, it's a pitfall of mine but so be it.  Those corners were just not going to cut it especially considering this is a focal point on the front of our house.  They told me the corners needed to be bunched up to hold the soil in properly.  However with an extra fifteen minutes, folding and a bit of trimming I was able to get the liner to look just right.
This is what I ended up with.  The liner is doubled up and the soil is definitely not going to leak through.  I love putting the new flowers in but I always love it more about 2 weeks later when the flowers fill in and begin spilling over the edges!

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  1. Love this! We got two smaller ones to go on either side of our steps to our front door and I love seeing them fill out each day. I will try to take some pics once our vines grown down!