Monday, May 23, 2011

Signs of Stress

Over the weekend we finally had three straight days of sunshine and no rain!  Our plants are definitely showing signs of stress due to all the wet, cool, gloomy weather we have been having.  We are forecasted for more rain this week unfortuneatly.  Last Summer we were praying for more rain this Spring I am praying it goes away, funny how things change within a few months.

The tomatoes and the squash all have yellowing leaves and some spots.  Based on different articles and what I have seen other people do this year I decided to try the method of spraying tomato foilage with a diluted fish emulsion mixture to help ward off fungal issues and plant diseases.  I went ahead and gave them their first spray down this weekend in hopes it will help them recover.

Spotted and yellowing tomatoes
Struggling nasturtium and squash

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