Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stalled Lettuce

In January and February as I was planning the garden I was dreaming of all the fresh from the garden salads we were going to have this year.  Last year the letucce was one of the easiest plants and I planned on planting at least 3x as much this year for lunches and dinners. 

I sowed all of the Spring lettuce seeds on April 12th  and below is how well they are doing today after 43 days of growing.  It is still going to be awhile before we get to harvest anything.  I did get my lettuce in later this year due to the excessive wet weather.  But we should by now have been harvesting lettuce.  I am blamming the stunted growth on the lack of Sun we have been having.  But maybe last year I just had beginners luck with our bountiful lettuce.  Over the weekend I went ahead and sowed our heat tolerant varieties for the Summer, maybe I will get some salads yet.

The lettuce is still small.

Most of the spinach seedlings have died off.  The plant in the bottom right is the only one doing ok.  All of the other rows of lettuce heads are still tiny.

Some of the leaves have purple spotting (as you can see in the middle).  I have no idea what that means but I know it's not normal.


  1. I hope you can eat some soon! We got a great bag of mixed greens from the farmers market last weekend. There is one type in it that has a texture similar to cabbage and it is really spicy - do you have any idea what it could be?

  2. It might be a type of mustard green, otherwise I have no clue there are so many different types of lettuce out there even though the stores only carry a small handful.