Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking Notes

Over the past year I have been taking notes about when and what was planted, the weather, the progress of plants and such.  It has been really helpful to look back and see what I did last year.  I know it will be a fabulous resource in future years to have records of what is "normal" in my garden and to reflect on successes and failures.  However my notes have been in an old inexpensive small legal pad.  The pages are starting to curl and have been beaten up as I carry it in my purse, tote it outside and throw it into random places. 

I decided it was time to move up in the world and get something that would hold my notes and keep them in good condition.  This is what I ended up with, a leather bound journal with an elastic that will hold it together to keep the pages safe.  There is plenty of room for writing and it will contain at least a decade worth of notes if not more.  But the part I really liked was the accordion style folder in the back cover to hold plant tags, leaves, petals and other materials that I collect for saving.  I'm such a nerd but I love picking these things out and it has made me excited to take even more notes. 

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