Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Last year I refused  to plant asparagus because I didn't want to give up any portion of the garden to something that couldn't be moved or I couldn't change my mind about.  But this year I realized we like asparagus too much not to have it in our garden.  We even designated 1/6th of the garden expansion just to asparagus.

I planted the asparagus almost a month ago.  All hope had pretty much been given up that it would grow in, with all the rain we have had I even thought maybe the roots had rotted.  One day leaving the house out of the corner of my eye I noticed a skinny looking stick poking out of the ground.  I was on my way to work and late as it was so I didn't have time to inspect.  When I got home I completely forgot about it until a day later when I went out to monitor the garden.  As I was out there I found out it was true, the asparagus started to grow in.  Since then I have spent at least five minutes a day staring at the asparagus patch watching the new growth and wondering when the others will finally come in.  Only about half of the crowns have come in but I haven't given up hope on the other half just yet.


  1. I have not braved the asparagus yet but definately want to try it. I hear that the first year or two that it does not yield very much. If you keep at it you will have alot of yummy asparagus. Congrats on your first spears!

  2. Thanks! The first year you aren't supposed to take any and let it collect energy to store up to be able come back the next year. The second year you can take a very light harvest but we might forgo any harvest depending on how well it comes in. Since it's a perrenial you have to give it time to collect energy, grow in size and become established. It is very exciting seeing it come in.

  3. That lil asparagus is precious - you and Andy will have to fight over it, loL!