Friday, May 27, 2011


Peonies in our area are in full bloom!  They are my favorite and I can never get enough.  Our peonies this year are doing well.  An older peony plant that we transplanted last year bloomed this year,which was exciting.  The new roots I planted a year ago are growing well but will take a couple more years before they bloom.

We have a house that has been vacant on our street for over a year.  They have beautiful peonies and since no one is living there I figured no one would mind if I cut a few for myself.  The magenta color is gorgeous!

Last year I saw a method on how to keep peonies buds fresh so that you can have peonies later in the year.  I am wrapping the buds in a newspaper and securing them with a rubber band.  They will be stored on their side in the fridge and I plan on taking them out 1 or 2 at a time to enjoy peonies over the Summer.


  1. I am so jealous!!! I love peonies! I had no idea you could save them in the fridge, cool!

  2. PS love the new header background!